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rp_me_tutu's Journal

Roleplaying Princess Tutu
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Roleplaying Princess Tutu
Have a great idea for an RP session? Looking for someone to do it with, but no one on your buddy list will?

Looking for someone new to RP with? Not into large, group RP communities? Just want one, individual storyline with someone that doesn’t depend on anyone else?

Then you’re in the right place! This community is dedicated to helping you find a new RP buddy.
[See below for the request form.]

Anything that has to do with Princess Tutu RP is welcome here. If you have logs you’ve done with someone and feel the need to share them, they’re welcome to be posted here. If you’ve created a new RP comm and are dying to pimp it, you can do that here. If you’ve done fanart for an RP session, post it here with the log (so we’ll get it)!

That’s not all~ There will also be challenges! A lot of fanwork communities have challenges… well, RPing can be an art, too! From time to time, I will give a theme. There will be three winning logs~ Each of them will receive a banner specific to their log and the challenge. Not yet, sorry.

o1. Play nice. No bashing other people’s logs because you don’t like the pairing or the way they played a character.
o2. Proper grammar, please! There will be no grammar Nazis here; we don’t mind if your sense of the language is less than perfect. However, blatant disrespect for the language is inexcusable.
o3. Slash, femslash, het and gen are all welcomed and encouraged!
o4. Crack pairings are also welcomed and encouraged!
o5. Anything with a rating of R or above must be locked and posted with proper warning.

That’s about it!

RP Buddy Request Form:
List your name, your LJ, your contact information, and your preferred pairings. You don’t have to list specific pairings if you’re not looking for a pairing or if you’re just looking for someone to RP with in general. The form should look something like this:


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